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How are the illustrations made?

My illustrations are made with the graphic tablet or with acrylic paint and posca. I like drawing digitally as much as painting on paper!  ​

Who are the illustrations for?

My illustrations are aimed at all lovers of line drawing, flat colors and graphic arts!

Do the prints and packaging meet an ecological requirement?

All illustrations are printed in France by independent printers on paper and with quality inks that meet European standards.

All artwork is carefully wrapped in a sheet of white, acid-free, recyclable tissue paper.

All packaging is biobased (FSC) or recycled and recyclable and comes from European manufacturers.

Orders of A5 and A4 formats are sent in green letter with tracking in cardboard envelopes in order to favor land transport. A3 and A2 size orders are shipped by Colissimo in triangular or rectangular cardboard tubes.  

What is a serigraphy?

A serigraphy is a direct printing process that uses the stencil technique. It allows the ink to be deposited directly on the paper through a screen (stencil). A screen consists of a frame over which is stretched a mesh fabric.  Originally screens were silk, but today they are finely woven polyester or nylon. Its process requires the creation of one screen per color. The colors are printed one after the other which gives a final screen printing with a high color density and a high color saturation.


What is a pigment print or giclee print?

Pigment ink printing also called giclée printing is a high definition process that allows the printing of fine art prints. The colors of the inks are rich, offering a high gamut (set of colors), combining color depth and precision of detail. This technique offers excellent resistance of prints over time.
In addition, the combination of pigment inks and fine art archival paper provides good resistance to light and a guarantee of stability over time. 

The term "giclée" is the generic term used throughout the world to characterize an art print on a large format high definition inkjet printer. It was invented in 1991 by American artist Jack Duganne (of Nash editions), a pioneer in art printing on large format inkjet printers. ​


Can I order a personalized illustration?

Yes, I do custom illustrations to order. For any information, do not hesitate to contact me.

I would like to propose a collaboration, is it possible?

Sure ! I am open to any collaborative project: exhibition, edition, sale of creators, special event. For that, do not hesitate to contact me.


I want information about the delivery of my order, where can I find it?

All information about the delivery and sale of illustrations available on the site  are to be found in the  General conditions of sale . For any other information, please make your request via the  contact form .

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