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Vertigo of love

Illustration, 2021

Illustration for creating a plantable map.

A6 format (10 cm x 15 cm), 250g paper sown with wild flower seeds, ecological water-based inks.

The fertile words


This card makes it possible to write, send and offer fertile words.

Words to see growing and to observe.

Words that will then become wild flowers.

This card is not like the other cards, it is alive! 

Fichier-18_6x copie.png

How to plant the map?

Soak the seeded paper in water overnight.

Plant it 2 cm deep.

Water well for the first few weeks.

Admire the first shoots.

The materials


The paper is handcrafted from post-consumer recycled paper. The non-GMO seeds are incorporated directly into the vat before pressing the dough to form planks of sheets of seeded paper.

FSC certified envelope 100% biodegradable, recyclable and acid-free.
Ecological paper partly composed of organic waste without GMO from agro-industrial residues of cherry and recycled fibers.

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